S Subramanya

Mr Subramanya S

Assistant Teacher (PUC, TCH)

Mr Subramanya joined the School in the year 1998. He teaches Kannada and Social Science for the students, and finds great joy in serving God’s children.

C V Krishnappa

Mr Krishnappa C V

Assistant Teacher(SSLC, TCH)

Mr Krishnappa has been associated with the School from the year 1993. He teaches Science and Social Science to the students.

M Basavaraj

Mr Basavaraju M

Assistant Teacher (PUC, TCH)

Mr Basavaraju teaches English and Mathematics to the students since the year 2009. He prides himself as one of the fortunate few to be part of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s educare mission.

P N Manjushree

Ms P N Manjushree

Assistant Teacher (PUC, TCH)

Ms Manjushri has been teaching the tiny tots of Grade 1 from the year 2010 at the Prashanti Bala Mandira School. She also loves teaching music and Veda to the students.


Ms Hemavathi

Assistant Teacher (PUC, TCH)

Ms Hemavathi is the teacher for Grade 4, and joined the School in the year 2011. She is also the in-charge of cultural activities at the School.

G Shilpa

Ms Shilpa G

Assistant Teacher (PUC, TCH)

Ms Shilpa has been associated with the School since June 2013, and teaches Grade 3 students. Importance of moral education and extra-curricular activities at the School, gives her a reason to feel more valued.

G Manjula

Ms Manjula G

Assistant Teacher (SSLC, NTTI)

Ms. Manjula is the teacher for Lower Kindergarten, always heard humming to a nursery rhyme. She turns into a completely animated being while singing and dancing for the rhymes, ‘Three little kittens went to the park’ or ‘I’m a little tea pot’. She loves children and wants to keep the child in everyone alive.

B L Lakshminarasamma

Ms Laxmi Narasamma B L

Assistant Teacher (PUC, TCH)

Ms Laxmi is the Upper Kindergarten teacher, and humbly submits that she learns more from the children than what the children could have learnt from her. That is the speciality of being associated with children, she explains!

N Anusha

Ms Anusha

Assistant Teacher (PUC, TCH)

Ms Anusha is a new comer in the block. She joined the School in the year 2017 and teaches Grade 2 students.


Ms Redamma

Assistant Teacher (PUC, TCH)

Ms Redamma dotes on her subject, Hindi. She considers this language the most melodious and phonetic language of all and cheerfully shares out it’s brilliance to her students. Redamma worked with the School from the year 2013 to 2017 and has joined back her stomping grounds after a year’s gap in fine fettle and renewed vigour.